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Breathing in Hymn Singing

Breathing in Hymn Singing

Several weeks ago I was playing organ for worship in a local church.  After the service concluded a member of the congregation came up to me and said “may I ask you a question about the organ?”  I, of course, said “yes” and assumed the question...

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Matching Music & Message

Traditional worship that is effective and meaningful will naturally focus itself around a central theme.  In order to effect a thematic approach all of the elements must point in the same direction.  To achieve this goal both the music and message...

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Worship through the Offertory

Throughout the Bible we are instructed to be faithful stewards of all that God has given to us.  We’re taught to bring our tithes and offerings to God in worship.  The Psalms prescribe this responsibility.  Jesus, in His earthly ministry, took an...

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How to Use the Prelude to Prepare for Worship

Everything we do in life requires some amount of preparation.  Before we go to work in the morning we have a time of preparation that probably includes bathing, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast (not necessarily in that order).  If we’re...

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